Łukasz Czerwiński

Hello, I'm Łukasz Czerwiński

C++ programmer. | Algorithmic guy. | Passion driven developer.

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Cracow, Poland

Łukasz Czerwiński

C++ programmer. Algorithmic guy. Passion driven developer.


Algorithms/Data structure
Quantum computing
Problem solving

About me

Hi, my name is Łukasz Czerwiński. I am a C++/Python developer with some experience in math. For me, programming is a passion and not a job. I am currently working as a contractor for NYSE financial company as a Senior Software Developer. All of my professional work is related to server/core applications which were implemented mostly in C++.

I am a proud member of Mensa Poland.

Github projects

Don't judge my CV. Judge my source code.

Assoc Vector

A sorted array of C++ implementation with internal caches to make insert/delete operations significantly faster no matter the position. Insert at the beginning is as quick as insert in the middle and the end. It is always approximately sqrt(N), read more

Struct Compacter

The project was awarded first place by Sabre's managers on Sabre Hack Day 2012, Fall Edition

Struct Compacter is a Python script to extract C/C++ struct's layout and propose a better ordering of members. This minimalize padding and reduce RAM memory usage. read more

C++ Dojo

A collection of programmic and algorithmic puzzles and tasks, written in C++11/C++14 for fun. You can find some data structures, algorithms, statistic problems and common programmic tasks, read more

MTC, Master Thesis Compiler

Implementation of a compiler for a simple C-style language, read more

MTI, Master Thesis Interpreter

This project was an implementation of an interpreter for a simple programming language. This was completed as part of my Object Oriented Programming study project, read more

PCH Generator

This Precompiled Header Generator is a Python script which scans C++ source code. It can select the most common header files which can then be candidates placed in a precompiled header. Just run it in your project root directory and have your optimal precompiled header generated for you, read more

Spell Checker

This is a C++ implementation of a spell checker for the English language. For an incorrectly spelt word it will suggests a correction. It takes keyboard layout into consideration to guess what you may have meant, eg.:
$ ./sc english
? splel
spell spole sole
read more


A framework written in C++ and boost::asio library which simplifies your effort to write clients/servers. You can focus on your business logic, insert it into your task, and leave all network comunication details to the framework, read more


A simple calculator written in C++/boost::spirit. Eg.:
$ ./calc "1+2*3"
$ ./calc "_1+_2" 1 2
read more

Xml Grep

A Python script which will generates an XmlPath for a given string in a given text, eg.:
$ cat xml.xml
<note ID="501"/>
$ ./xmlgrep.py xml.xml "501"
read more


My education and experience.


Master of Computer Science, graduated with honours

Faculty of Engineering Mechanic and Computer Science

Software Engineering and Computer Systems

University of Technology

Częstochowa, Poland

2002 - 2007

Socrates – Erasmus Student Exchange Program

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering and Economic

Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven

Leuven, Belgium

2006 - 2006


Self Employed

Designing algorithms for financial sector

Used technologies: C++, Python, Algorithms

LC++ Łukasz Czerwiński

Cracow, PL

2022 -

Algorithms Scale Expert

Designing quantum algorithms

Used technologies: C++, Python, Linear Algebra

Patent CA3140980A1: Systems for emulating a quantum computer...


Cracow, PL

2017 - 2022

Principal Software Developer

Develop networking software

Used technologies: C++ and C++ with some C++


Cracow, PL

2016 - 2017

C++ Macro eCommerce Developer, AVP

Develop internal infrastructure utilities

Used technologies: Java, GWT, Spring, Maven, Python, Perl

Credit Suisse

London, UK

2015 - 2016

Associate Application Developer

Develop varied aspects of distributed file system with focus on security aspect

Used technologies: C++11, STL, boost, network programming, parallel programming, cryptography (OpenSSL)

JP Morgan Chase Bank

London, UK

2014 - 2015

Associate / Contributor / Senior Developer

Develop different parts of Global Distrubution System

Used technologies: C++, STL, boost, Python, high performance computing

Winner of "Krakow Wings Employee Recognition Program 2012"
Winner of "Sabre Hack Day 2012 Fall Edition"
3rd award in "Big Pitch - Most Innovative and Business Value Project, 2011"

Sabre Polska

Cracow, Poland

2007 - 2014

Junior Software Engineer

Develop application utilities and GUI components

Used technologies: C++, STL, boost, Qt

Aldec ADT

Katowice, Poland

2007 - 2007

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